The WavesClaim Token

What is the WavesClaim Token?


Name: Gatherer

Asset ID: 6pCbPWwz8YQDydZaVWsAcdvvpwJm6wDhpweeEh3ntUPv

Exchange:Altilly: BTC, DOGE, XQR | Instant Exchange,,

How do I get this token?

You have a 20% chance to get it while claiming any faucet (goes directly to your staking).
You can also get it from any of the exchanges listed or our own Instant Exchange.


Faucet Multiplier
Faucet Multiplier

You can upgrade the faucet rewards you get. You can multiply them and get double, triple or more rewards than anyone else

Exclusive Faucets
Exclusive Faucets

You get access to exclusive token faucets like USD-N


You can stake your Gatherer Token at 1% daily, which means you get a 1% free profit every day, doing nothing

Instant Exchange
Instant Exchange

You can instantly exchange them, without needing to hope that a exchange has liquidity with our Instant Exchange.

Faucet Multiplier

Gatherer Balance
Faucet Multiplier

To upgrade your Faucet Multiplier you have to pay 600 Gatherer to the following address from the address you claim with (it will auto upgrade after you refreshed this page):


This Multiplier will be automatically added on any Token that needs Gatherer Token to Claim (USD-N,..)

Referral System

Your Referral URL:

If a Referral of yours reaches 25 Claims, you will get 2 WavesClaim Token (Gatherer) directly to your address after you refreshed this page.

Your Referrals

Referral Address Claims

Simple Staking

GST Staking Functionality is now live! You get 0.01% extra for every GST held!
Staking Rewards change depending on your Staking Balance.
  • 0-1001 Gatherer - 1% Staking Daily
  • 1002-3002 Gatherer - 1.2% Staking Daily
  • 3003-10003 Gatherer - 1.5% Staking Daily
  • 10004-100005 Gatherer - 1.8% Staking Daily
  • 100006+ Gatherer - 2.0% Staking Daily
Payout: Midnight CEST +0200 UTC

You will get atleast +1% or more (depending on your balance) DAILY FREE Tokens on your staking balance. To get staking rewards, you will need to send your tokens to the following address (Send min. 2 in one transaction) Do not send exactly 600 or it will upgrade your Faucet Multiplier :


5 Confirmations needed till balance shows up or withdrawal (5-15 Minutes)

Current Staking Balance: 0.00000000 Gatherer

Auto Claim


Status: Off

Your Profile

Your Level: ..
Your Experience: ../..

1 Faucet Claim = 1 Experience
1 Gatherer = 5 Experience

Pay Gatherer to add experience easily and get a higher level!
To this Address:
(5 Confirmations needed)

Top 10 Richlist

Holders Competition Paused.

We will reward the TOP 3 Holders with WAVES

  • 1st Place 100 WAVES to WAVES Address
  • 2nd Place 60 WAVES to WAVES Address
  • 3rd Place 40 WAVES to WAVES Address
Address Amount
Currently unavailable