Join our lottery by buying a ticket. After the timer is over a ticket will be randomly picked and a winner selected who will get the reward to their waves wallet.

Last Round Winner (Winnings will be sent in less than 24h):

Lottery Round 3

Prizes (One Winner): 5 WAVES

Time till winners drawn:

Tickets sold: 817

To get in the Lottery, you have to buy a ticket which you get by sending Gatherer to the following address.

1 Gatherer = 1 Ticket


Send only whole gatherers. Decimal values[eg: 1.53 Gatherer] sent will be considered Invalid.

Current Entries

Address Number of Tickets Chance of Winning
1 3PPm2GKe7ShQZivVrKLkN91WUSXRUn3QMHS 777 95.104%
2 3PDhU1nVEUpYjJRLbc4izMozWxe4oZZNhNC 20 2.448%
3 3P7SCdLTeCU85PMKPrjGjc1iKM2qhr7c2pG 10 1.224%
4 3PNYYiD3GGDLePw4qdR6a2ii3cow2gz8XXU 10 1.224%