Instant Exchange

We will instantly exchange Waves Token/WAVES Pairs in less then a minute with high liquidity

Instant Exchange

Asset ID: 6pCbPWwz8YQDydZaVWsAcdvvpwJm6wDhpweeEh3ntUPv
0.01116699 WAVES Buy (You will pay / Gatherer)
0.00246050 WAVES Sell (You will get / Gatherer)
$0.00 USD 24h Volume
Gatherer Liquidity Pool: 3090.13579028
WAVES Liquidity Pool: 0.00798092

Send any Amount of WAVES (to buy) or Gatherer (MINIMUM: 10 to sell) to the following address:

You automatically get either WAVES or Gatherer send back.

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