Initial Token Offering

Our crowdfunding campaign for GST

Gatherer Staking Token (GST), which you can get in this offering, will increase your daily Gatherer staking by 0.01% for each token held in your wallet.

Hard Cap: 28.12948054 WAVES RAISED / 100,000 WAVES

Asset ID: 8aSa7LG8oejUiCxS41rDRMKoMpjWVfK5heJJ1mDMGq5E
2.00000000 WAVES Buy (You will pay / GST)

Send any Amount of WAVES (to buy) to the following address:

You automatically get GST send back.

The function of this token will be activated, when the ITO is successful. If it is not successful every single WAVES will be refunded.

Why should you invest?

  • You are investing in a already working, popular platform
  • There are no free tokens given out
  • Only 50,000 GST available
  • You are helping the further development of WavesClaim
  • And of course, you are increasing your daily income