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Asset ID: FD9YmQED8NeRWAHWsy8E2Fywn4ieRiUnKmZmSLUdEHh2

Welcome to the camgurl token!! The webcam model/viewer space has rapidly grown and developed with the increasing connectivity of humanity worldwide. It is amazing how block-chain and de-centralization provide both anonimity and transparency at the same time. The Webcam model/viewer scenario is much the same. Often neighbours dont know each other yet, converse with likeminded enuthusiasts worldwide. This platform is developed For the Model and the Viewer, historically providers of these centralized platforms would garnish %50-%60 of the resources changing hands, With the model making the least. In this case, Models would receive 96% of tokens spent on their show, while the viewer receives the value purchased. liquidity providers to the token pool are awarded %4 of their stake daily

We provide an easy experience to claim CaMguRL. No personal data is saved. As long as the transaction fees are covered by the Faucet/token owner, you can claim CaMguRL

We cannot be held responsible for any project related activity (or lack thereof), always check with official sources if the assetID is genuine and if the project behind a token is trustworthy.

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For Token Creators: To add more CaMguRL to the Faucet and more WAVES, so the tokens can be send and transaction fees (0.001) are covered, please send them to the faucet address and they will automatically be added instantly. (Donations of CaMguRL or WAVES are also appreciated from others 😀)

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- Click Button "Create a new Account"
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- Click Button "Continue"
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- Click on your profile on the top right
- Copy your address, which is the long string on the second row

Get tokens here
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- You receive the tokens in your wallet after claiming a faucet 10 times